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Working safely at heights

Roofing safety rails in Mackay


At some point or another, you may find yourself involved with a roofing project. Whether you are working on roofs professionally, or you are going to try a DIY roofing job on your own home, you should be aware of proper roofing safety for yourself, or to ensure the people you hire are following proper safety protocol. The fact is, roofing is a dangerous job. It is physically demanding, and the high-up nature of the job means that falling is an ever-present risk during every stage of the project. Don't make the mistake of thinking that working on a one-story home means you are safe. Falling from any height can cause serious injury or even death. Keeping safe while working on a roof of any height is nothing to play around with. For this reason, you should never try and complete a roofing job without the proper safety rails in place.

There are various reasons why falls occur. The most common causes of slips and falls while working on a roof are weather-related (wetness on roofing tiles which makes them slippery). Falls are dangerous for anyone, but they are especially risky for those who are working alone, as there is no one around to offer assistance. With proper roofing safety rails in place, you can prevent a wide range of these injuries and without hindering the freedom of movement of the roofers.
Safety rails project — Safety rails installation in Mackay, QLD
Mackay Safety Rail provides aluminium safety rails which can be installed prior to beginning any roofing project. They are placed around the edges of your roof, and they hold securely to your home or building. Even so, they will not damage your roof and can be fully removed when they are no longer needed. With rails in place, if someone does slip and begin to fall, the rails will catch them before they fall off the roof. We are able to provide safety rails for roofs of all pitches and designs. Whether you need something temporary for a quick roofing project, or you need something that will last a little longer for ongoing construction or for protecting people on a high-rise roof, we can create a custom guard rail system that will perfectly accommodate your needs.

Get in touch with Mackay Safety Rail today to discuss your needs. We are here for you and will come out to assess your roof or the roof you will be working on and help you create a roofing safety rail system that will perfectly accommodate your needs and ensure a secure fit. We handle all installations, and when the job is done, our skilled team will also come out and handle the removal of the rails. When they are removed, you will note that there is no indication left behind that they were ever even there. Your roof will be left in pristine condition.

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Mackay Safety Rail has been providing the Mackay area and surrounds with quality safety rails for years. Call for more information on our range of packages!