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Safety Rails

Roofing safety supplies in Mackay


Here at Mackay Safety Rail, we are committed to safe and affordable safety rail installations throughout Mackay and surrounds. Whether you are a home or business owner or a roofing contractor, we provide a wide range of roofing rails to promote greater safety and prevent injuries for those who are working at heights. Our rails are suitable for a range of roofs, regardless of pitch, and we can provide all installation services including assembly and attaching the rails to your roof as well. When they are no longer needed, we will come and disassemble them and haul them away. Alternately, you can handle the installation yourself. Our railings are lightweight and easy to install, so you have a range of options to meet your unique needs.
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Why use roofing rails during work?

Roofing is one of the most physically hazardous jobs based on injuries and the severity of injuries when they occur. While there is no way to remove 100% of all risks when it comes to roofing, especially if you will be climbing up and down ladders, having a safety rail in place is a great way to easily and affordably remove much of the risk of falls.

While there are other safety supplies on the market, such as safety harnesses, rails are often a preferable choice. They only need to be installed once and then you are protected whenever you are on the roof. Harnesses must be reattached to your body each time you work. Additionally, harnesses can limit your freedom of motion, whereas railings do not hinder your movements at all.

Our safety rails are also lightweight, so they will not damage your roof at all. They’re made from aluminium, which is a material that is known for its tensile strength and weather resistance. They can be used for extended periods outdoors without rusting, corroding or otherwise degrading with exposure to the weather. Despite their lightweight design, they are still highly durable and sturdy enough to protect you in the event of a fall.

Our team provides safety railing installations, or you can easily install the railings yourself. If you want us to install, we will also drop off the railing system and then come back to disassemble and remove it when the job is done and they are no longer needed.


Ask about our full range of safety rail installation services in Mackay

Mackay Safety Rail provides full-service installation and removal services for all of our rails. We will assess your roof and help you determine just the right options for you and your situation. Get in touch and we will be happy to speak with you and offer a quote on your job.